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· Up to 60 mins session
· Homeshoot
· 2 stylings
· 5 Fully retouched Digitals


· Up to 120 mins session
· Homeshoot
· 3 stylings
· 12 Fully retouched Digitals
· Parents are included


· Up to 180 mins session
· Homeshoot
· 5 stylings
· 20 Fully retouched digitals
· Parents are included
· All Digital files Basic retouched


+$150 for twins

+$30 additional per pax to join in

+$30 per fully retouched digital

+$150 all digital files basic retouched 

+$50 for Saturday / Public Holiday

Preparing for your little one

1 / Schedule

It's ideal to schedule the newborn session within the first two weeks after the baby's arrival. During this time, they tend to sleep more soundly and are easier to pose.

2 / Feeding and Sleep

Please feed your baby just before the session to ensure they are comfortable and content. A well-fed baby is more likely to sleep soundly during the shoot, allowing us to capture those adorable curled-up poses.

3 / Patience and Relaxation

Newborn sessions can take some time as we allow for feeding, soothing, and capturing those precious moments. Please be patient and take this opportunity to relax and enjoy the experience. I will work at the baby's pace, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the session ❤️

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